Key Features

The following features are unique to our DNS Firewall solution:

Predictive Threat Intelligence

Filtering critically vulnerable or exploitable hosts before they can be used maliciously

Geolocation blocking

Block traffic resolving to certain countries

User event behavior analytics

Flag potential insider threats or compromised systems by identifying irregular usage

Automated DNS Quarantine

Rapid identification and remediation of potentially compromised devices

UAE based data sovereignty

For government entities, all logging, analyses and reporting is performed on UAE-controlled servers

Integrate with existing security solutions

Gain holistic situational awareness by connecting verbose DNS Firewall data to your existing SIEM

Our Capabilities

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Protect against DNS based attack

Protect your devices from DNS based attacks.

DNS Firewall leverages DNS-over-HTTPS, performs DNSSEC validation, and applies best practices in identifying and thwarting DNS protocol abuse.

  • Domain Squatting
  • DNS Cache Poisoning
  • DNS Hijacking - Farming
  • DNS Hijacking - Phishing
  • DNS Tunneling
  • Subdomain Hijacking
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Prevent DNS attacks

Prevent your devices from being used maliciously in an attack.

By monitoring and throttling DNS lookups, DNS Firewall is able to rapidly identify and quarantine a client system that is being abused.

  • NXDOMAIN Attack
  • Pseudo-Random Subdomain Attack (PRSD)
  • Phantom Domain Attack
  • DomainLock-Up Attack
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Know Malicious and Compromised assets

Block ongoing or future attacks by filtering known malicious domains or hosts that may have been compromised.

DNS Firewall automatically implements open-source and proprietary threat intelligence feeds to passively protect client infrastructure against emerging cyber threats.

  • Command and Control Servers
  • Spear-Phishing Servers
  • Exploit Kits & Drive-by-Download Attacks
  • Confirmed Spam Servers
  • Compromised/Hacked Sites
  • Known Malware Distributors
Protect from High Risk Domains

Disable even the newest of cyber threats before they materialize by leveraging predictive threat intelligence.

OryxLabs Threat Intelligence Team proactively crawls and analyzes the internet in order to identify and catalog domains, hosts, and their installed technologies. By maintaining this constant cyber-awareness, our high-risk threat-intelligence is able to identify and protect against "low-hanging fruit" legitimate domains that may be compromised to be used maliciously.

  • Critically Vulnerable Hosts
  • Exploitable Hosts
  • Dynamic DNS Providers
  • Newly Registered Domains
  • Proxies and Anonymizers
  • Open SMTP Resolvers
  • Grayware Hosting
  • Parked Domains
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Block ads, trackers, and other invasive monitoring.

Protect your privacy and improve your web experience by filtering domains that are associated with invasive, cross-site advertising trackers.

  • Block Ads
  • Block Trackers
  • Increases Browsing Speed
  • Domain Lock-Up Attack
Privacy and Encryption

Prevent snooping with encrypted DNS traffic.

Traditional DNS traffic is un-encrypted and can be observed or even modified by a third-party. By using DNS Firewall, your traffic is safe and hidden from plain view.

  • DNS over TLS
  • DNS over HTTPS
  • DomainLock-Up Attack
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Take Control

Control your data with configurable log retention.

DNS Firewall is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and gives you full control over how long individual logs are retained.

  • Zero Logging Supported
  • 0-90 Days Retention
  • GDPR Compliant
Internet Policy Enforcement

Take control of your devices.

Block traffic to websites by restricting content categories (e.g., adult, gambling, social-media, etc.) that are not allowed on your devices. Enforce safe searching, geolocation restrictions, and display tailored blocking pages to users.

  • Enforce “Safe for Work” or Family Friendly Content
  • Restrict content using over 500 categorizations
  • Leverage recommended blocking profiles based on user type
  • Silently redirect searches to ”Safe Search” mode in Google, YouTube, and Bing.
  • Tailor your own Allowed Lists and Block Lists which can be applied to individual systems, groups, or across the entire organization.
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Our Pricing

Select from our curated plans which best suits your needs


  • Unlimited Requests
  • 2 Devices
  • Upto 10 Allow/Block list
  • 1 IP linked
  • 30 days Log Retention


  • Unlimited Requests
  • 10 Devices
  • Unlimited Allow/Block list
  • 1 IP linked
  • 30 days Log Retention


  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Unlimited Allow/Block list
  • 20 IP linked
  • 30 days Log Retention